Introducing Simply Sassy Doggie Dry Shampoo Powder

A revolutionary way to revitalize your dog's coat!

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Revitalize your pup’s coat with waterless dry shampoo powder! Say goodbye to frequent baths and enjoy a time-saving solution for your fabulous furry friend. Watch them confidently frolic with a perpetually clean, itch-free coat. Experience instant rejuvenation with a gentle formula that keeps their fur fresh and odor-free while relieving itching with neem’s back powder soothing properties. Discover the wonders of dry shampoo powder for a happy and health coat. Keep their fur immaculate, save grooming time, and witness their joy. Indulge in the ease and convenience of this pawsome grooming experience!

To Use

Sprinkle a small amount of powder onto your dog’s coat from head to tail, as a little goes a long/ way. Gently massage the powder into their fur, avoiding the eye area. Allow it to work for a few minutes. Discover the secret of keeping them irresistibly clean between baths.