Sprinkle & Tell: Reviews Unveiled!

"I love this dry shampoo!! Lasts longer than spray and way better for you. I highly recommend this product to everyone who loves dry shampoo. You will not be disappointed."

- Lori Mitchell

"I absolutely love my dry shampoo. It’s all natural and you only have to use a tiny amount. Smells great too!"

- Kayla Dawn Minish

"I have to say I never really liked the thought of dry shampoo for my curls. Seeing the ingredients in most of the spray dry shampoo made me cringe and so I just never used any. Heather is all about organic products when it comes to her skin, hair and nails. She made me some of her own dry shampoo when she found out that I didn’t even sell it at my Salon. It’s truly a game changer and it works great. It’s all organic, she makes it for all hair types and has light shades and dark shades! The volume it gives for the “next day” hair is on point. I don’t have to wash my curls but once a week. The original sizes last a long time (6 months or more) so, it’s definitely worth the price…..You won’t regret it!!!! 10 out of 10 recommend."

- Alison Dockery

"I bought some and I really like it. give it a try, I'm sure will will like it too......"

"Sassysqrl Second testimony on how well it works. I had a day of yard work sweating all along my hair line, then went golfing my hair in a ball cap. Unexpectedly, we were asked out for dinner, no time to wash my hair. I used your product for the second time, this time however my hair was really in need of washing. Man, oh man, did it work. I could even style it, and it looked clean, freshly washed. Your Sassy dry hair powder gets 10 stars from me."

- Kim Davis

"I bought the dry shampoo for dark hair from you at this festival. Normally I have to wash my hair once a day because it’s so greasy. And honestly it needs it twice a day. I can never wash at night or I will have to do it again in the morning. Dry shampoo normally gives me a day and a half of no washing but the smell is super strong and it feels gross. I put yours to the test. I washed Thursday morning and have not had to since. This dry shampoo is amazing. The last time I went this long without washing was when I was a young kid! The smell is wonderful and I’m sensitive to smells. I will be ordering more soon."

- Paula Spicer

"We love your pet powder! Have to try the women’s dry shampoo next!"

- Claudia Campbell Callaway

"I love the one I got from you at the Union County Farmers Market a few weeks back!!"

- Cathy Hackett Riggs

"Hi! I discovered SassySqrl in Hayesville, NC at Festival on the Square a few weeks back. Determined today after several opportunities to 'love' this product to find and follow on social. Fragrances are wonderful. And it works!"

- Goodney Zapp

"I used it yesterday! What a game changer!! Fresh hair and volume"

- Blanca Lawton

"Can’t tell you how great this product is. Smells great so … your hair will too!"

- Lisa McCullough Burd

"The dry shampoo is INCREDIBLE! Every ingredient has a benefit for my scalp and hair. The smell is 10/10. It WORKS exactly as expected and is nontoxic, and enough for over a year. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and I will always recommend this wonderful holistic dry shampoo to my patients!"

- Dr. Jeni Weis

"We are so excited to announce we are now officially carrying Simply Sassys dry shampoo powder. If you know any of us here at the salon, you know we LOVE dry shampoo! After one week of trying this we are absolutely obsessed with this product! It’s such a healthy alternative to dry shampoo. All organic ingredients and cruelty-free. It not only absorbs oil but also adds volume. Say goodbye to chemical-filled dry shampoo sprays and switch to a healthier alternative. Your hair deserves the best! Made locally in Blairsville, GA. Available in light and dark."

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