About Us

SassySqrl’s Philosophy

At SassySqrl, self-care should be enjoyable and easy. That's why we've created organic and healthy dry shampoo powders that refresh and revitalize your hair without compromising your time, budget, or the environment. Our unique formula is designed to absorb excess oil, add volume, and leave your hair feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We only use high-quality, plant-based ingredients that are safe for your hair and never include harmful additives, preservatives, or chemicals. We're also proud to say that our products are cruelty-free!

Our philosophy centers around making self-care accessible and empowering for everyone. By choosing our products, you keep a philosophy that values natural, high-quality ingredients and ethical production practices. We're committed to making a difference, one hair care routine at a time. Thank you for choosing SassySqrl.

Once upon a time, I discovered a new alter ego: Imagine a whimsical, excitable squirrel always darting off in new directions. That's me, Sassysqrl. Living life like a squirrel, bouncing from one branch to another and gathering nuts, which I call "informational nuggets" - encompassing product brands, food recipes, and places to travel - I became eager to share my nut finds with everyone. So I decided to create a YouTube channel and let my inner squirrel run free.

Starting with honest, fun, and quirky food reviews, quick recipes, and creative storytelling, I aimed to explore various topics, from rating products to sharing food recipes and travel experiences. My squirrel instincts took over, and I found myself collecting and stashing away an array of informational nuggets that I couldn't wait to share.

Sassysqrl was more than just a YouTube channel; it reflected my personality and provided a way to connect with people who share my love for creativity, learning, and adventure. If I have piqued your interest in my past squirrel life, check out my YouTube channel. The Flavor God episode is quirky, fun, and out-of-the-box. The RTE (Ready to Eat) Popcorn Academy Awards video is both entertaining and educational(insert laughing emoji) If you continuously find your hand inside popcorn bags, this video won't disappoint! As you will see, I have a passion for oversharing information. I didn't aim to create a video that simply gets to the point or offers instant gratification. Instead, I took my viewers on a journey, with the intention of providing an immersive and enjoyable experience. So, don't expect a quick 10-second TikTok video when watching my YouTube videos…lol…

Are you curious about my youtube past? Click the video below and let's have a blast!


Over time, my passion for learning and sharing continued to grow, and I spent countless hours researching and learning from Google University. However, recently, I took a hiatus from my channel to work on a new project, and my obsession with learning and brainstorming never stopped.

Fast forward to 2023

Today, I am happy to see my dream of creating Simply Sassy Dry Shampoo Powder finally coming to life! It feels surreal and exciting at the same time. My journey to this point of developing this product has been a wild ride full of adventure and excitement!

Like many others, I used to struggle with hair that was always oily, particularly at the roots. Washing my hair frequently only seemed to make the problem worse, as it stripped my hair of its natural oils and caused my scalp to produce more oil to compensate. After trying countless conventional dry shampoo products with little success, I was shocked to discover the high levels of toxins in these products. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands and formulate an organic dry shampoo powder that effectively absorbs oil and promotes healthy hair growth. And boy, did it work like a charm!

After some hair-raising moments and multiple attempts, I finally perfected my recipe using only the best organic ingredients. The results are incredible, and now I can go longer between washes while still having healthier, more luscious locks. It's like a dream come true!

So let's celebrate and have some fun and sassy hair days ahead with Simply Sassy Dry Shampoo Powder. You too can enjoy fresh, fabulous hair and the peace of mind that comes from using an all-natural product. And the Sassy cherry on top... You can rock your fabulous hair without any worries about those nasty toxins!

Thank you for taking the time to read my backstory. I'm overjoyed to share my personal favorite nut with you: Simply Sassy Dry Shampoo Powder.