The Sassy Squeeze Dispenser: Revolutionizing your hair routine

πŸ₯πŸ” Drumroll, please! We've been keeping an exciting secret... Our exclusive new product has just made its debut at recent events, and now it's time to share the excitement with everyone!

Introducing the "Sassy Squeeze Dispenser" – a magical addition to your dry shampoo routine! Simply pour your favorite Simply Sassy dry shampoo powder into the jar, seal it with the lid, and get ready for the fun. With a light squeeze of the rubber pump, this nifty accessory dispenses a perfect amount of powder right where you need it. It's effortless, fabulous, and all about keeping your hair fresh with no mess!

Why five nuts, you ask? Well, let me break it down for you, squirrel-style! This Sassy Squeeze Dispenser is like a magical hair genie in a jarβ€”just a light squeeze and voila! Your hair dreams come true. It's fabulous and fun and makes every day a great hair day!

And don't worry, our new Sassy Squeeze Dispenser perfectly complements our existing makeup powder brush! How does this accessory differ from our makeup brush? The Sassy Squeeze Dispenser introduces a fresh approach to applying dry shampoo powder, enhancing our hair care solutions and accessories.

Now, let's talk about those toxins lurking in traditional dry shampoo sprays:

  • TALC: This mineral ingredient is used in dry shampoo products for its oil-absorbing properties, but it can pose health risks when inhaled.
  • ALCOHOL DENAT (Denatured Alcohol): Ethanol with additives to make it unsuitable for consumption, often used as a solvent, but can be harsh on the scalp.
  • ISOBUTANE: A hydrocarbon propellant used in aerosol products, including dry shampoo sprays, that can harm the environment and human health.
  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas): A mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a propellant in aerosol cans, which may include butane, propane, and other gases.
  • BENZENE: A chemical compound found in some aerosol products, known to be harmful and a human carcinogen.

Say goodbye to toxic sprays forever! Embrace a cleaner, greener hair care routine with our Aerosol-Free Dry Shampoo products. Discover a fresh, sustainable way to care for your hair because having fabulous hair days without chemical sprays should be fun for everyone! 🌟🐾

πŸ€” Need help to decide which powder to choose? Match it with the color of your roots! If your roots are light, go for Simply Sassy Light Powder. If your roots are dark, then Simply Sassy Dark Powder is the one. 🚚 Plus, enjoy free shipping on orders over $40 and sign up for subscribe and save so you never run out of powder! Shop at and let the freshness begin! πŸ’–

Directions on How to Use:

Hold the Precision Pump Dispenser 2 to 3 inches away from your head and squeeze directly onto the roots. Next, gently massage the applied powder into the roots using the pads of your fingertips until the powder is evenly distributed. Finally, style your hair as desired to achieve the perfect look!

Note: Dry shampoo powder is sold separately. The jar can hold up to 1 oz of powder. Our travel-size or economy-size options are perfect for refills, and the grab-and-go pouches are also great for convenient refills on the go.

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